HOWTO: Install the Endpoint Operations Management (EPOPS) Agent for Linux (RPM)

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Endpoint Operations Management EPOPS Linux VMware vRealize Operations

Published on 21 April 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 218. Reading Time: 2 mins.

The main prerequisite information for installing the EPOPS agent is information required to populate the file once installation is completed (but not started), this includes:

  • IP or hostname of the vROps Server (agent.setup.serverIP)
  • SSL Port to be used (default is 443) (agent.setup.serverSSLPort)
  • Account used to register the agent in vROps (agent.setup.serverLogin)
  • Password for the Registration Account (agent.setup.serverPword)
  • The Certificate Thumbprint of the vROps Server (agent.setup.serverCertificateThumbprint)
  • (optional) Agent Listen Port (default is 2144) if you are deploying VMware vRealize Hyperic as well (agent.listenPort)

Note: The Certificate Thumbprint is available from the vRealize Operations Admin portal (https://vrops-server/admin) just click the gold medal icon!

Installing the EPOPS Agent (using RPM)

  1. Download the latest EPOPS Agent (vRealize-Endpoint-Operations-Management-Agent-x86-64-linux-6.2.0-3404388.rpm) from VMware.
  2. Use your favorite tool to copy the file into the /tmp folder.
  3. Log into the console and run rpm -i /tmp/vRealize-Endpoint-Operations-Management-Agent-x86-64-linux-6.2.0-3404388.rpm to install the agent (I also found that rpm -i /tmp/vRealize*.rpm worked.)
  4. Update the agent.propertiesfile located at /opt/vmware/epops-agent/conf/ with the values for the following:
    • agent.setup.serverIP
    • agent.setup.serverSSLPort
    • agent.setup.serverLogin
    • agent.setup.serverPword
    • agent.setup.serverCertificateThumbprint
  5. Save the file.
  6. Run service epops-agent start to start the agent.
  7. Run chkconfig epops-agent on to ensure the agent restarts on reboot.
  8. Logout of CentOS and go check to make sure the agent appears in VMware vRealize Operations!

Full details can be found on the VMware vRealize Suite Documentation site here