HOWTO: Deploy the VMware vSphere 6.0 Platform Service Controller

The following instructions will help you deploy a standalone VMware vSphere Platform Service Controller.

In the software installer directory, double-click vcsa-setup.html.

Wait for the browser to detect the Client Integration Plug-in and allow the plug-in to run on the browser when prompted.

On the Home page, click Install to start the vCenter Server Appliance deployment wizard.

At the End User License Agreement screen, check the “I accept the terms of the license agreement checkbox”, and click Next.

At the Connect to the target server screen, enter the FQDN of the <ESX-INSTALL-HOST>, the <ESX-USERNAME> and <ESX-PASSWORD> on which you want to deploy the Platform Services Controller appliance, and click Next.

If prompted, by a Certificate Warning dialog, click Yes to accept the certificate.

At the Set up virtual machine screen, enter the Appliance Name as <PSC-APPLIANCE-NAME>, then enter the <PSC-PASSWORD> into the OS password text field and then confirm the password by re-entering it into the Confirm OS password text field, then click Next.

At the Select deployment type screen, select the Install Platform Services Controller option, then click Next.

At the Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) screen, select the Create a new SSO domain option. Enter the <SSO-ADMIN-PASSWORD> into the vCenter SSO Password text field, and confirm it by re-entering it in the Confirm Password text field. Add the <SSO-DOMAIN> into the SSO Domain name text field and the <SSO-SITE> into the SSO Site name field and then click Next.

At the Select Appliance Size screen, ensure that the Appliance size is Platform Service Controller, then click Next.

At the Select datastore screen, select <DATASTORE> from the list, then click Next.

At the Network Settings screen, select <VLAN> from the Choose a network drop-down, leave the IP Address family dropdown as IPv4 (default) and Network type dropdown as Static (default). Enter the following information into the relevant text fields:

  • The <IP-ADDRESS> into the Network address field
  • The <FQDN> into the System name field
  • The <SUBNET> into the Subnet mask field.
  • The <DEFAULT-GW> into the Network gateway field.
  • The <DNS-SERVERS> into the Network DNS Server field.

At the Network Settings screen, scroll down and select the Use NTP servers option is selected and enter the <NTP-SERVER> name into the text field. Check the Enable ssh checkbox and click Next.

At the Customer Experience Improvement Program screen, uncheck the Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program checkbox and click Next.

At the Ready to complete screen, review all of the information and click Finish.

The Primary Platform Service controller will now be deployed and ready for either the installation of vCenter or another PSC!

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