VMworld 2016 – Overview


I had a fabulous 4 days at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona.  I learnt a lot and not all of what was learnt emanated from the sessions.  The outstanding sessions/events for me were the inaugural VMworld EMEA Hackathon (run by Alan Renouf), the two General Sessions (with Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen),  and the VMware on AWS session (by Alex Jauch Frank Denneman).

I take away more than just the knowledge I have gained, I have learnt that the actual benefit of VMworld is not (necessarily) the sessions, but the ability to talk to the experts, meet with the fellow VMware community (#vExpert) and make new contacts in the industry.

The following links provide an overview of my posts from my time at VMworld:

Thank You #VMworld, Thank You #VMware

And until we meet again, #Barcelona Gracias y buenas noches

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