VMworld 2016 – PARTY!

Wednesday night (like most other nights) at VMworld is PARTY night!


However this night was the VMware Customer Appreciation Party night, where customers, vendors and partners can come together to enjoy free food, free wacky sunglasses and free entertainment (and most importantly feel appreciated).


It definitely had an old-school american theme/vibe with Hot Dogs, Burgers and Ice cream stand littered around the General Session hall.


A chance for those with hair to let it down and bond with our newly found friends in the spirit of the VMware Community!


The opening act,  FACE-TIC entertained the crowd with a diverse selection of music until the main event, Empire of the Sun (Yes – I hadn’t heard of them either).  I can only describe there sound as similar to the Pet Shop Boys in the 80’s, they just had wackier outfits.


They say if you work hard, you should play hard(er) and that was definitely the theme!  I enjoyed the evening and specifically the music more than I thought I would! Will I be buying the album? Probably not.


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