The Great Yule Log Experiment 2016

When I was younger (in the 1980s) I always remember my mum making a Yule Log for Christmas.  Of course, when I say “making”, I mean buying a chocolate swiss roll and covering it with some sort of chocolate buttercream/ganache.  She always used to decorate it the same way using the same gold plastic Merry Christmas and sprinkle some icing sugar for that snow effect.

Now I have my own family, I thought it was time to decide whether to carry on that tradition of “making” a Yule Log or whether to stick with buying one like I have done for the last 10 years!

So for the last 4 weeks I have put myself through the hellish task of testing a Yule Log a week to find out which is the nicest/best so that we can buy the right one for Christmas Day.  Obviously this was just a ruse to eat more cake but the better half bought into the idea, so why not?!

The criteria I marked against was:

  • Presentation – after all they say you eat with your eyes first!
  • Cost – after all we are in a time of austerity at the moment.
  • Taste – Who wants to eat cake that doesn’t taste #awesome?

Each was marked out of 5, so the totals are out of 15!

The following details the order in which they ranked during our testing:

1. Marks and Spencer Hand Decorated Chocolate Yule Log

Description: A light chocolate swiss roll filled with indulgent chocolate buttercream & generously covered win chocolate fudge & delicately sparkling snow dusting.
 In Store Only
Price: £6.00

Presentation: 5
Cost: 4
Taste: 5

Opinion: This was definitely the best one we tasted.  If you’re a milk chocolate lover, you will love this.  Soft, creamy and delicious. M&S do it again!  Luckily we managed to find another one for Christmas day!

2. Tesco Finest Yule Log 
Description: Chocolate flavoured sponge roll filled with chocolate flavoured buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and finished with Belgian milk chocolate ganache frosting.
Availability: In Store or online
Price: £3.50

Presentation: 4
Cost: 5
Taste: 4

Opinion: This was a close Tesco’s finest was a close second.  One thing that confused us was underneath the ganache is a hard chocolate shell.  It almost seemed like the standard Tesco chocolate log just tarted up with a ganache coating.

3. Waitrose Belgium Chocolate Yule Log 
Description: Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream, finished with a chocolate frosting and sweet dusting.
Availability: In Store or online
Price: £5.00

Cost: 4
Taste: 3
Total: 11

Opinion: This was the last one we tested.  It was nice, but for me the frosting seemed too chocolate-y. (i can’t believe it either!)

4. Tesco Chocolate Yule Log

Description: Chocolate flavoured sponge filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and finished with a sweet dusting.
Availability: In Store or online
Price: £2.00

Cost: 5
Taste: 3
Total: 11

Opinion: This was the first one we tested.  The sponge was OK but the hard chocolate coating let it down.


  • The Yule Logs in this review were purchased and not provided by the manufacturers.
  • This is an impartial review, I have not been paid in anyway for my opinion and i do not get anything if you click through to the manufacturers website.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of Yule Logs, there are other manufacturers and supermarkets.
  • Some products may contain allergens, please check before you buy!
  • The does not take any responsibility for your expanded waistline should you choose to purchase any of the above.

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