HOWTO: Configure a vRealize Automation 6 Advanced Services Endpoint for vCenter Server

This post is a part of a series of posts for preparation for the VCAP6-CMA Deploy exam.  For the full exam prep resources check here.

In this post we are covering the configuration of the Advanced Services Endpoint for vCenter Server.

Prerequisite Steps

  • A fully deployed vRealize Automation implementation.
  • An external Orchestrator deployment (HOWTO)

Step by Step Instructions

Navigate to and Log into the vRealize Automation Tenant Portal as a user with the Tenant Administration role assigned.

Navigate to Administration > Orchestration Configuration > Endpoints.

Click Add.

Note: You will only get the Active DIrectory plug-in warning if you have already configured that plug-in.

Select vCenter Server from the Plug-in dropdown.

Click Next.

Enter the Name of the endpoint into the text field and (optionally) provide a Description.

Click Next.

Enter the FQDN of the vCenter Server into the IP or host name of the vCenter Server instance to add text field.  Leave all other settings as their defaults.

Click Next.

Enter the Username and Password of a user that Orchestrator can use.

Note: The user must be a valid user with privileges to manage vCenter Server extensions and a set of custom defined privileges.

Click Add.

Note: If you have already configured vRO to connect to vCenter using the Add a vCenter Server Instance workflow, you will get an error.  You can run the Remove a vCenter Server Instance workflow and then retry.

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