HOWTO: Configure VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Log Insight – Part Three

In this series of 3 articles, we’ll be looking at how to configure VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Log Insight together so we get the best possible logging.

In Part Three, we’ll be looking at how to configure the VMware NSX Edge to SYSLOG to VMware vRealize Log Insight.

Configuring a VMware NSX Edge to SYSLOG to Log Insight

Note: These steps assume you are not even logged into vCenter Server.  Skip the first few steps if you are!

Using your favourite web browser, navigate to the vCenter Server login page (https://vcenter.fqdn).

Enter appropriate User name and Password and click Login.

Click Network and Security.

Click NSX Edges.

Double-Click on the target VMware NSX Edge.

Click the Manage tab, select Settings and select Configuration.

Under Details, click Change.

Enter the IP Address of Syslog Server 1, (optionally) enter the IP address of Syslog Server 2, and select the Protocol to be used form the dropdown.

Click OK.

Each NSX Edge will need to be configured individually to SYSLOG to a remote Server.

What does this look like in Log Insight?

Here is a screen shot from Log Insight for my limited homelab environment.

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