HOWTO: Configuring VMware NSX Licensing

So you have deployed and configured the VMware NSX Manager Virtual Appliance, deployed the VMware NSX Controller(s) and goto Host Preparation and click Install to prepare your hosts. Then you get an error message to say you don’t have the right license… did you forget something?

Adding VMware NSX Licensing to vCenter

Note: These steps assume you are not even logged into vCenter Server.  Skip the first few steps if you are!

Using your favourite web browser, navigate to the vCenter Server login page (https://vcenter.fqdn).

Enter appropriate User name and Password and click Login.

Click Licensing.

Click Licenses.

Click Add (+)

Enter the License Key for VMware NSX for vSphere and click Next.

(optionally) change the License Name and click Next.

Click Finish.

Assign a VMware NSX for vSphere License

Click Assets and click Solutions.

Click Assign License.

Select the new license (i’ve called it NSX for vSphere) and click OK.

There you have it, you have now licensed your VMware NSX Solution!

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