VMware Cloud Briefing March 2018 – The Highlights

Today was a big day for VMware and VMware Cloud Services with their global Cloud Briefing.  The briefing concentrated around their two mantra’s: Any Application, Any Cloud, Any Device and Consistent Infrastructure, Consistent Operations.  Both of which resonate with what I am seeing customers are looking for.

The Highlights

During the briefing there were multiple announcements were made and demo’s given, including:

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • General Availability of VMware Cloud on AWS in EU West (London) – Frankfurt coming soon!
  • Introducing High Availability using VMware Stretched Clusters across AWS Availability Zones (Tech Preview) #MindBlown
  • VMConAWS now supports native vSAN Deduplication and Compression (DD&C) for space efficiency.
  • Support for AWS Cloud Formation on VMConAWS.

VMware Cloud Management Services

  • Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCE) – Now enhanced to work OOTB with VMConAWS so workloads from an on-premises vSphere can be moved directly into the vSphere based-cloud.
    • HCE Enterprise for moving on-premises workloads to/from cloud or to other on-premises vSphere Cloud.
    • HCE Cloud for moving VMs between VMConAWS, IBM Cloud and OVH.
  • VMware Cost Insight – Enhancements to support VMConAWS to allow companies to understand the relative cost of migrating to the cloud.
    • VMware Cost Insight now integrates with VMware Network Insight to enable accurate identification of Network Ingress costs.
  • VMware Log Intelligence a new VMware Cloud Service
    • Use Machine Learning to analyse cloud based logs.
  • Wavefront enhanced with 45+ OOTB integrations to Cloud Native Apps (including Cassandra, MongoDB, etc).
    • Introducing Wavefront for vROPs so you can get a full Application view across the hybrid cloud.

Partner Program Enhancements

  • Solution Provider and Cloud Provider MSP models will be expanded to include VMConAWS.
  • Introducing the VMware Cloud on AWS Competency for VMware Partners

Other noteworthy mentions

  • Fujitsu have become a Global Systems Integration provider.
  • The ability to use Site Recovery Manager 8 to 1-click recover from On Premises into VMConAWS.

Final Thoughts

If you have 50 minutes then I can think of worse ways to spend that time, check it out at https://cloud.vmware.com/cloudbriefing.

To keep up to date with the VMware Cloud on AWS roadmap check out the  https://cloud.vmware.com/vmc-aws/roadmap.

It definitely is an exciting time for VMware Cloud Services.  #ThisIsJustTheBeginning


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