VCAP6-CMA Deploy – Objective 5.3: Create/Modify/Execute a vRealize Orchestrator Workflow

Objective Overview Objective 5.3 - Create/Modify/Execute a vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Create/modify/troubleshoot actions Create/modify/execute vRO workflows Install/launch/use the vRO client Configure variable binding in a vRO workflow Perform logging from a vRO workflow Add schema elements to a vRO workflow Run workflow(s) in the vRO HTTP-REST plug-in to invoke a REST operation Modify a workflow to... Continue Reading →

PRO TIP: Configuring MSDTC for VMware vRealize Automation

One of the many prerequisites of the VMware vRealize Automation Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components (including Microsoft SQL Server) is the installation and configuration of Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC). Not installing and configuring MS DTC correctly can be the the bane of someone trying to install VMware vRealize Automation. ProTip 1 - Uninstall... Continue Reading →

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