HOWTO: Reset WAF to Zero by attending VMworld Barcelona 2016

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Published on 2 September 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 654. Reading Time: 4 mins.

So after much deliberation and many discussions I have finally booked my VMworld 2016 Barcelona ticket and I’m now registered for the event! It will be my first time at the event (and in fact only my second ever conference) even though I have worked in the IT Industry for over 15 years.

I’m self-funding, so I am free to decide on which agenda I want to get the most out of my investment and therefore I am planning to make the most of the experience by attending sessions networking with my peers, completing some Hands-On Labs and maybe party or two.

I did invite the significant other and my 14 month toddler along, but it seems the idea of sitting at a pool all day in the sun whilst I “work” doesn’t appeal… to be fair i didn’t get to much of a hard time although it was clear that any WAF i’d build up since splashing on the homelab in January had again been reset to 0! I think this also means I am probably not going to win the hot-tub in the back garden debate anytime soon!


The journey a starts here with me trying to decide what sessions I want to attend. I am currently planning to follow the SDDC track and sprinkle it with some Cloud Native Apps, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps where something peaks my interest. Unfortunately, at least two of the sessions I have tried to book and it is waiting time only!


I am planning on taking at least one exam at VMworld to take advantage of the 50% discount. These will more than likely in between some of the Partner Sessions I have booked in on Monday before the conference really gets into full swing. Currently I have booked onto the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam, so i’ll be putting in some extra work leading up to VMworld to make sure I have a good chance at passing my first VCAP deploy exam. I am also hoping they finish the BETA and go GA on the** VCAP6-CMA Deploy** exam as this will mean I will have both VCAP6-CMA exams completed.


Whilst I am not attending on a Blogger’s pass I do intend to hopefully blog a lot whilst I am at VMworld and will more than likely (and subject to available Wi-Fi) be super active on Twitter. Albeit I really don’t expect anymajor new announcements that haven’t already been tweeted about at VMware 2016 at Las Vegas.


Although Barcelona is a wonderful city that I’d recommend to anyone to visit on holiday, I have been on a few occasions in the past I don’t see the need to do the tourist thing. I’ll personally be arriving late on Sunday afternoon. Albeit if I do find myself at a loose end, I may go and visit the wonder that is Gauda’s Sagrada Familia again because I have seen it in various stages over the last 15 years and I wonder if it is finished yet (after all it has only be ~134 years)!

And if you’re missing the lights of Las Vegas and you’re at a loose end on Thursday through to Sunday night, you could always stop by La Font Màgica for Light Show!

I’ll be staying near enough to Plaça d’Espanya so the Metro line will give me a quick trip into the conference center in the morning as well as having reasonable access routes to any of the parties in the evening,


I’m really looking forward to VMworld 2016 in Barcelona, all I can say is i’m glad the presenters got to practice in Las Vegas before the real deal in Barcelona!

I have a feeling its going to #awesome, lets hope it lives up to the hype!

PS - If you see me aimlessly wandering around the conference, please come and say hello (especially if there is swag involved!)

Published on 2 September 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 654. Reading Time: 4 mins.