VMworld 2019 - It's nearly time to Make Your Mark!

VMworld 2019

Published on 24 October 2019 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 560. Reading Time: 3 mins.

Make Your Mark

It is that time again! VMworld 2019 in Barcelona is just around the corner and this year it is all about being ready to #MakeYourMark.

This year will be my fourth year attending the EMEA based conference and it will also be my first whilst working at VMware. This year I will be working as a Proctor in the uber coolness that is the on-site VMware Hands on Lab .

Whilst I was initially a little disappointed with not having any of my 9 sessions approved, I’m still really hyped for this conference!

Note: I didn’t really expect to get anything approved on my first attempt!

Why should I be attending VMworld 2019?

VMworld is the premier event in the calender for VMware customers. There isn’t another time or place (excluding VMworld US) where you will get to hear and learn from the #rockstars of VMware. It is the place where you can meet with VMware employees to ask questions, shape the future of the products (with Design Studio) and make new friends within the #vCommunity. The question should reaaly be “Why aren’t you attending?

Breakout Sessions

There is a plethora of content avaible in the VMworld Content Catalog .


One of the biggest reasons I try to go to VMworld every year is to catchup with all of the friends I have made in the vCommunity. If you have any questions for a #vCommunity member make sure to head over to the Bloggers area and say hi!

The Bloggers area is where I will more than likely be sitting when I’m not working in the VMware Hands On Labs.

Hands On Lab

VMware Hands on Lab is a staple at VMworld. There are so many Labs that can be taken at VMworld inlcuding just released Labs! I cannot conveyr enough what an excellant resource VMware HOL is! Be sure to pop along, take a lab and say Hello!

Remeber if you take a Cloud Managamdent HOL you get this FREE T-SHIRT as highlighted by Dave Overbeek from VMware Tech Marketing.

VMworld Fest

For the last few years, there has been mixed reviews on the bands headlining VMworld Fest. Empire of the Sun (VMworld 2016) where better thane expected (considering I hadn’t heard of them!). The Kaiser Chiefs (VMworld 2017) were totally awesome. The Kooks (2018) were OK but forgettable (I had to google who was playing in 2018!).

But just announced, the band that are headlining the VMworld Fest this year will be the Stereophonics!

Now this is a band I am looking forward to seeing!

VMworld App

DO NOT FORGET to download the VMworld 2019 App from Android or Apple App Store.

Previous Year’s Posts

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Final Top Tips

  1. Where comfortable shoes!
  2. Minimize on the breakout session - they’re all being recorded, so take time to talk to people!
  3. Don’t party too hard!
  4. Try and do at least one VMware Design Studio Session (we need your feedback!)
  5. Download the Free Now app (for Taxi’s) and the VMworld App!

Published on 24 October 2019 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 560. Reading Time: 3 mins.

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