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Written by Christopher Lewis on April 5, 2018 .

The following post is a part of my unofficial study guide for the VMware Specialist: vSAN 2017 Digital Badge. The full study guide can be found here . Objective 2.2 - Describe vSAN Requirements The requirements for VMware vSAN are split into multiple categories: Hardware Cluster Software Networking Licensing Hardware Requirements One of the most important requirements in VMware vSAN is that all hardware components (i.e. cache devices, capacity devices, drivers, and firmware versions) in VMware vSAN must be certified for VMware vSAN AND listed in the vSAN section of the VMware Compatibility Guide .

Certification VMware Specialist vSAN

Written by Christopher Lewis on October 4, 2017 .

In my constant strive to learn new technologies I have decided to create an unofficial study guide containing my notes for the VMware Specialist: vSAN Digital Badge exam. The Study Guide can be found here .

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