VMworld 2016 - vRockstar 2016 #Rocked

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VMware VMworld VMworld 2016 Barcelona

Published on 23 October 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 148. Reading Time: 1 mins.

VMware 2016 kicked off on Sunday evening with vRockstar 2016 - a social gathering at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Pla├ža de Catalunya, Barcelona.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to this event as tickets sold out very quickly when they were released. The event was jam packed with people i’d spoken to but never met face to face. Not to mention, the food and drinks were flowing though out the night. #goodtime

About half way through the night, one “random” lucky person even won a guitar that had been purchased and had a plaque added to it for vRockstar 2016. I’m glad I didn’t win as I’m not sure how i would have got that home :)

The party definitely set the tone for the week to come: work hard, party hard.

Thanks again for organising it! Marco Broeken (@mbroken) & Patrick Redknap (@PatrickRednap)