VMworld 2016 - vExpert Party

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VMware VMworld VMworld 2016 Barcelona vExpert

Published on 21 October 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 227. Reading Time: 2 mins.

After the first day of full conferencing, it was time to head out to the vExpert party which was held at L’Eggs (http://www.leggs.es/en).

Unfortunately, I arrived fashionably late as I had to go back to my hotel to drop off my bags, and then get across town, which meant I missed the brief appearance of Pat Gelsinger.

The evening was enjoyable enough, the food (scrambled eggs, risotto and creme cataluna) and drinks kept flowing. I spent a lot of time getting to talk to all those vExperts that I communicate with via different social media platforms all the time but have never met in real life (which is a sign of the world we live in).

We got some free swag in the form of vExpert 2016 stickers which were great, but I’ll admit I hoped for something more considering you had to register for the event (which meant they new the number of attendees).

Definitely not a big issue though and can’t complain too much, it was free food and drink after all ;-)

Once the party finished, I found myself with Alaric Davis, Kev Johnson, Chris Bradshaw and Simon Gallagher in a bar in down town Barcelona until the wee hours of the morning before eventually walking home!

Lets just say, even though I wasn’t drinking, I definitely didn’t get up early the next day!