HOWTO: Configure the Router ID for a VMware NSX Edge

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Published on 1 August 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 157. Reading Time: 1 mins.

This is one of many posts that will form part of the VCAP6-NV Deploy Exam Guide.

When configuring Dynamic Routing within VMware NSX it is important to configure each NSX Edge, either Edge Service Gateway (ESG) or Distributed Logical Router (DLR), with a Router ID.

Configuring the Router ID

Note: These steps assume you are not even logged into vCenter Server. Skip the first few steps if you are!

Using your favourite web browser, navigate to the vCenter Server login page (https://vcenter.fqdn).

Enter appropriate User name and Password and click Login.

Click Networking and Security.

Click NSX Edges.

Double-Click on the target NSX Edge.

Click the Manage tab, select Routing and then select Global Configuration.

At Dynamic Routing Configuration, click Edit.

Select the Router ID from the dropdown, (optionally) check the Enable Logging checkbox, select the desired Log Level from the dropdown and click OK.

Note: You can add a Custom ID if required.

Click Publish Changes.