VMworld 2017 - Getting there and Getting registered

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Published on 10 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 307. Reading Time: 2 mins.

This is the first in a series of posts covering my time at VMworld 2017 in Barcelona.


I decided to fly in earlier this year, so after a 0700 start I got to London Heathrow and got on the 10:45 BA flight to Barcelona! The flight was relatively smooth but as I don’t fly as much anymore, I forgot those in cattle class don’t get fed for free anymore!

The longest wait for the day was the luggage reclaim which took about 30 mins!

On exiting Barcelona Airport, you are greeted with the extremely well placed Veeam sponsorship that hits you in the face. It was the same last year, I wonder how much that costs :)

Transport Links - Free Bus & Taxi’s

VMware have laid on buses to take VMworld attendees to Fira. So remember to follow the people with the VMworld 2017 paddles/signs to get the free bus. These run every 30 minutes to the conference center where you can register and then go to your hotel form there.

There is a Taxi rank right outside registration so dont worry too much. If you want to use the Metro, don’t forget to ask for the Metro ticket which gives you 10 journeys!

The Venue

Note: Registration is in a different location this year, but the buses still drop you off near Hall 8. So its a small trek passed the all the signage to find the registration.


Registration was good last year. It was better this year. A much larger space, well organised and multiple locations for you to register and collect your first piece of VMworld swag, the VMworld 2017 bag (plus t-shirt, HP water bottle, writing pad and some other leaflets).

Now time for some reading for my exam tomorrow and a quick change before heading off to #vRockstar 2017!

Published on 10 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 307. Reading Time: 2 mins.