VMworld 2019 - Make Your Mark - Cloud Management Edition!

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Published on 1 November 2019 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 441. Reading Time: 3 mins.

Make Your Mark - Cloud Management Edition

What Sessions Should I Go To

So you’re interested in Cloud Management content at VMworld 2019? Well look no further… here is @thecloudxpert guide to the sessions you should be aiming to get into! They range from Level 100 - Level 400 to give you a well rounded experience.

Roadmap Session

Deep Dive into VMware Cloud Management: Current State and Roadmap [HBO3088BE] with Purnima Padmanabhan (VMWare) and Pontus Pettersson (VMware).

Note: For me this is an ESSENTIAL session for customers and technologists who want to know how our strategy for Cloud Management is going forward.

Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, November 05

  • Drive Accountability and Eciency with VMware’s Cloud Management Platform [HBO2789BE] with Shaw Zhang (VMware) and Mohit Kataria (VMware).
  • Tales from the Trenches: Realizing the full value of self-driving ops [HBO1633PE] with David Pham (VMware) and Ryan Ingram (Sky)
  • The Big Ticket: What’s New in vRealize Operations [HBO1180BE] with David Overbeek (VMware) and Taruna Gandhi (VMware).
  • Microsoft and 8x8 Share their Operational Practices for Cloud Service SLOs and SLAs [MCO1642BE] with Gordana Neskovic (Intuit), Edgar Nidome (8x8 Inc.) and Scott Bonebrake (Microsoft).

Wednesday, November 06

  • Evolving vRealize Automation [HBO1323BE] with Karl Fultz (VMware) and Ganesh Subramaniam (VMware).

Thursday, November 07

  • Introducng vRealize Operations as a Service [HBO1183BE] with John Dias (VMware) and Sujatha David (VMware).
  • Customer Use Case: Cloud Transformation with Wavefront by VMware [MCO1348BE] with Archana Kataria (Intuit), Rupesh Shimkhada (VMware) and Hassan Tahir (VMware).
  • Continuous Application Delivery with Code Stream: A customer journey [HBO1080BE] with Deepak Kallakuri (VMware).

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Session FAQ

1. The session is showing as FULL what should I do?

If the Sessions are marked as FULL in the Content Catalog? Have no fear, I do not know one single person that has not been able to get into a session they wanted to by gueuing and waiting. If the sesions are popular and over subscribed, the event team may just run it again! If in doubt, turn up and queue up anyway!

2. I didn’t get into the session I wanted to - what can I do?

If you really didn’t get into the session (or if you just want to reviee the session again when you’re at home) most sessions are recorded, so go along to vmworld.com and you should be able to download the session recording to watch at your leisure. For BCN recorded sessions it may take a few weeks to get the sessions uploaded. If the session was recorded in the US then it shold be available now!

Published on 1 November 2019 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 441. Reading Time: 3 mins.