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Written by Christopher Lewis on November 27, 2018 .

At this years VMworld Europe Hackathon, I was a part of Team #PowerVKE, founding members: Chris Porter (@uprightvinyl) (Team Leader) Christopher Lewis (@thecloudxpert) Dave Simpson (@bfd_diplomacy) Stephen Hackers (@StephenHackers) Tony Cota (@VMXBandit) Colin Westwater (@cwestwater) Dominik Zorgnotti (@DominikZ) Team PowerVKE (Image courtesy of @StephenHackers) PowerVKE is a PowerShell module that can be used to connect to VMware’s Kubernetes Engine (VKE). This was a Beta VMware Cloud Service. Unfortunately, in the Day 1 Keynote, Pat Gelsinger announced the release of VMware Cloud PKS (formerly VKE) which meant VKE had been re-branded overnight (and they didn’t even ask us)!

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