Written by Christopher Lewis on November 21, 2016 .

This post is Part 2 of a two part post covering UK VMUG, click here to read Part 1 The only session I attended in the morning was the Community Session, Going Hybrid - using vRealize Automation as a cloud broker for AWS, vCloud Air and Azure given by Sam McGeown . This was a good session overall with Sam going through the differences of deploying the same application to both an on-premises test infrastructure and with Amazon Web Services (no sign of an Azure demo though - but as this is expected in vRealize Automation 7.

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Written by Christopher Lewis on November 18, 2016 .

I am right now sitting on the train heading back into London with a smile on my face. I’m listening to music (Eye of the Tiger just started playing) and I’m tapping away on my laptop. Why am I smiling? Well it is simple, today was the first time I realised and understood the value of the community. Today was my first UK VMUG it was the first time in a long time I have enjoyed a UK wide conference.

VMware VMUG UK VMUG vExpert

Written by Christopher Lewis on November 7, 2016 .

Just over a week until the UK VMUG 2016. This will be my first year in attendance and after a really good VMworld Barcelona I’m looking forward to it. Whilst only a single day (if you excluded the vCurry the night before) I am hoping it will be successful in capturing the essence of VMworld. There seemed to be a big focus on VMware User Group in the VMware EMEA Solution Exchange this year, both around promotion of the “free to join” standard membership and the “pay for” VMUG Advantage membership.

VMware VMUG UK VMUG vExpert