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Written by Christopher Lewis on March 9, 2018 .

I am, again, extremely humbled to be awarded the vExpert accolade as part of the class of 2018 (3rd year in a row). It is an honour to be amongst such an awesome bunch of people constantly contributing to the VMware community. Well done everyone who applied and made it! If you applied and didn’t make it, keep working towards it #NeverGiveUp

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Written by Christopher Lewis on August 16, 2017 .

The 2nd half vExpert announcement just dropped into my inbox and I’m extremely humbled to be added to the growing list of ~150 people worldwide that have been awarded the vExpert subcategory accolade of VMware vExpertNSX. The vExpert award is a acknowledgement of the contributions made by individuals to the VMware community. It is not too ealy to start working on building your content for the vExpert 2018 submission which will be later this year!

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Written by Christopher Lewis on August 16, 2017 .

The 2017 second half vExpert Announcements have just dropped and including the VSAN and NSX subcategories. Congrats all those who made it!

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