HOWTO: Remove a Host from a VMware NSX enabled vSphere Cluster

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Published on 30 July 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 247. Reading Time: 2 mins.

When you remove a host from a VMware NSX enabled cluster, the NSX VIBs are automatically removed. The process steps for removing hosts from a VMware NSX enabled cluster is the same as if you were removing a host from a standard vSphere cluster.

Remove a Host from a VMware NSX enabled Cluster

Note: These steps assume you are not even logged into vCenter Server. Skip the first few steps if you are!

Using your favourite web browser, navigate to the vCenter Server login page (https://vcenter.fqdn).

Enter appropriate User name and Password and click Login.

Double click on Hosts and Clusters.

Locate the target host.

Right-click on the host and select Maintenance Mode and Enter Maintenance Mode.

Click OK.

Click OK.

Drag and drop the target host out of the NSX enabled cluster (and optionally into a new vSphere cluster)

Right click on the host and select Power > Reboot.

Click OK.

Note: Wait for the host to rebooted.

(optional) Right-Click on the target host and select Maintenance Mode > Exit Maintenance Mode.

Click Home > Networking and Security.

Click Installation.

Click Host Preparation.

As you will see we now have two clusters, one is NSX enabled and one isn’t.

Manual Removal of VMware NSX VIBs

Once the ESXi Host is out of the cluster, if you’re having problems you can remove the VIBs manually by connecting to the host via SSH and running the following commands:

esxcli software vib remove --vibname=esx-vxlan
esxcli software vib remove --vibname=esx-vsip