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Published on 13 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 616. Reading Time: 3 mins.

For the second day running at VMworld 2017, I decided to sit outside of the General Session and watch it on the screen whilst sitting at table with my laptop.

General Session

The General Session on day 2 started with an attendee Q&A session with Pat Gelsinger, Sanjay Poonen and Ray O’Farrell. The questions covered all sorts of topics, including:

VMware in the age of the cloud? - Pat and Sanjay gave a consistent message around VMware’s vision of any cloud, any application and any device. Pat talked about how VMware’s partnership with AWS was just the start and Sanjay talked about Horizon cloud.

Licensing & Packaging? - Sanjay talked about how packaging and pricing was important citing VMware Cloud Foundation as a good example of VMware’s commitment to making licensing simply, getting prices and packaging right. There is no plan to integrate VMware NSX into the core vSphere licensing because it had value as a standalone product. Pat cited VMware are a perpetual license business with ~9% of VMware revenues are delivered as a service.

When will the HTML5 client be fully featured? - Ray cited that ~90% of the features already exists within the HTML5 client and VMware are working to close that gap and provide a full featured client. Ray gave a brief history of the vsphere client and the road to the HTML5 client. Ray cited the next release would be 100% fully functional which is good news!

What happened to cloud native apps and VIC? Sanjay talked about how VMware are evolving there thinking and are trying to make the solution Developer Ready, Enterprise Robust. Sanjay then mentioned the partnership with Google (Kubernetes), Pivotal and VMware to give Pivotal Cloud Service (PKS).

What’s is the future? Pat suggested that the pace of change and the speed of technology means that “today is the slowest day in tech evolution in the rest of your life” #ProfoundThoughtOfTheDay. Pat then went on talk talk about “tech breaking out of tech”, and how VMware are integrating AI and ML in products such as SkyLine, AppDefense and WaveFront. Ray then talked about VMware at the “Edge” and the amount of data being generated by Edge devices.

Why use VMware and not Open Source? Ray came with the phrase of the keynote “Why use VMware? It’s great software. end of story”. Ray continued to explain Open Source is all about the community that provides the power behind it and VMware are working on opening their APIs to allow the community to build solutions with the Open Source community.

After the Q&A session, Pat Gelsinger introduced James Watters SVP from Pivotal Cloud Foundry who talked more about the Pivotal Cloud Service (PKS), Kubernetes and the importance of VMware infrastructure including NSX in the container story.

James Watters ended his Pivotal overview with the statement “The number 1 VM company in the world, has to be the number 1 container company in the world”.

Pat then handed over to Ray O’Farrell who firstly introduced the youngest VCXI6-NV, Abdulrahman Elmeky for a selfie (which to me was a missed opportunity to talk to the next generation just for a #MarketingGimmic).

Ray discussed the VMware process for deciding which applications/products/sectors that Vmware invest in. According to Ray there are four core tenants:

  • Take advantage of modern infrastructure.
  • Good and consistent management tools
  • New Business Models and Consumption models
  • Technology and infrastructure support your development teams.

Ray then introduced Chris Wolf, Purnima Padmanabhan and Elastic Sky Pizza, and this is where I stopped writing about the key note and just watched the obvious take off of the Phoenix project.

To see more about Elastic Sky Pizza, checkout the full keynote here .

Published on 13 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 616. Reading Time: 3 mins.