VMworld 2017 Day 2 - Session(s)

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Barcelona Cloud NSX VMConAWS VMworld VMworld 2017

Published on 13 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 398. Reading Time: 2 mins.

Day 2 of VMworld 2017 in Barcelona kick off with another General Session. Following the General Session, I attended the following sessions:

Session 1 - #LHC1882BE - Service Overview for VMware Cloud on AWS

This session, with Marc Umeno, covered how to delivery VMware Cloud on AWS “As A Service”. Marc re-introduced the current vision of **VMware Cloud on AWS **platform before highlighting the different responsibilities of both VMware and the Customer.

Marc moved on to discuss VMware’s Service Approach for Software Change Management for the VMware Cloud on AWS solution, highlighting the need for a continuous improvement and release cycle for the services components but also minimising the impact to running workloads. Marc explained that, like a traditional VMware SDDC, the updates to the platform will be split into management (control plane) and workload. Updates to the workloads will be transparent to the end users, as there will be a rolling refresh of hosts with a solution that will leverage Elastic DRS and vMotion. The Management plane (i.e. the NSX Control plane, NSX Edge gateways and vCenter) will incur a planned service downtime. Marc explained that, just like in a traditional SDDC environment, the control plane would be updated and then the data plane.

Obviously, communication of the planned updates is key and Marc explained that there would be multiple levels of notifications to the customer to ensure they are fully informed before, during and after the upgrades.

For more information, see the session playback here.

Session 2 - #LHC2384BE - VMware Cloud on AWS: A Technical Deep Dive

This session, with** Frank Dennerman** and **Ray Budavai**, provide a much needed deep dive into **VMware Cloud on AWS**. Frank started the session covering the physical aspects of VMConAWS, size and shape of the hosts.

For more information, see the session playback here.

Session 3 - #LHC3371BES - VMware Cloud on AWS – The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud

In this session, Eric Hanselman started by looking at the challenges to cloud adoption, including how the shift to the Cloud looks over the next 2 years.

Andy talked about what the customer expected from and the challenges of hybrid cloud.

Andy then gave an overview of the VMware Cloud on AWS solution, the architecture of the VMConAWS offering and how it can be used to deliver a Hybrid Cloud solution.

For more information, see the session playback here.