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Published on 19 June 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 685. Reading Time: 4 mins.

If I get to go to VMworld in Barcelona this year it will be my 3rd time in 3 years (I think that makes me Alumni). It will also be the 2nd time that I have self funded my trip to the VMware annual conference.

Who should be going to VMworld?

If you work with VMware technologies and want to understand more about VMware’s different products from the experts and consultants who deliver the best and most complex environments, then it is the ideal place to get that knowledge.

I don’t think there is a conference anywhere else where you will get titans of VMware and the VMware community in one place for you to talk and network with.

So, the better question is why wouldn’t you want to go?

How much does VMworld cost?

Well if the company is paying does it matter? In all seriousness, there are normally different ways to reduce the cost of entry through supplies and partners so check all avenues before stumping up the full ticket price! If you feel lucky, vendors often run competitions running up to VMworld for free tickets so keep an eye out!

As a current vExpert, I am going to be applying through the vExpert Blogger Programme which means, if i get allocated a pass, I will get a pass to the conference (worth ~£1500) but will have to fund my flights and hotel. Which will probably end up costing me around £700 (but only because I like my comforts).

Without the vExpert Blogger Pass, I will be watching on the sidelines as recently my family of 3 became a family of 4 so the budget is tight!

Is VMworld worth the money?

In short, in my view, the answer is Yes, Yes and thrice Yes!

I truly believe that VMworld is brilliant opportunity and experience for anyone (customer, vendor or partner) who works with VMware technology. It is a really good conference that not only enables customers to hear new and exciting

Do I have to fill my days with sessions?

The answer to this question is, “it depends but probably not”. In my first year at VMworld I spent long days (15k steps or more per day) moving from session to session, from sessions to lunch and back again trying to cram in as much as possible. I even went to some sessions on tracks I wasn’t interested in because I felt I needed to get “value for money”. here are my tips:

  • Whilst the majority of session are great, be careful of misleading titles. I have been to many a “deep dive” session where you just about get your big toe wet.
  • The majority of sessions are recorded, so if there are two session on at the same time, then you can catch up on the session you missed later.
  • Watch out for changes in the VMworld App, if a session is REALLY popular (like the VMConAWS sessions in 2015), additional sessions will be added so keep an eye out.
  • If you can’t pre-book in a session because its full, turn up early and queue up. At a certain time before the session starts, they start letting people in from the queue. I don’t think I have ever not got into a session i wanted to that way.
  • If the session is not what your expecting, then leave and take a different session or take a break.

Is VMworld all work and no play?

Hell No! If we ignore the VMworld Customer Appreciation party (which was headlined by the Kaiser Chiefs last year). Normally every night there is at least 3 parties from various vendors like VEEAM, and Rubrik. The list of my (non-vendor specific) favourites are:

  • VMware {Code} Hackathon
  • vExpert Party (vExperts only)
  • vRockstar
  • VMUG Party

It is important to remember, at least for me, that VMworld is a networking expansion opportunity. I get to meet up with the people I talk to all the time via social media.

OK, I’m sold, where can I book?

If you are booking direct, then head on over to http://www.vmworld.com

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Published on 19 June 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 685. Reading Time: 4 mins.