VMworld 2017 Day 3 - Session(s)

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Barcelona VMware VMworld VMworld 2017

Published on 14 September 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 123. Reading Time: 1 mins.

Day 3 is the day after the VMworld Party and it is normally a very quiet day around VMworld. There is no General Session and a lot of people either do not attend any sessions or just leave the conference early.

Personally, I only tend to minimize the sessions I go to on this day and spend some time in the Hands On Lab and just walking around the Solutions Exchange. The only session I did attend was :

Session 1 - #VMTN6730E - KUBO - Kubernetes powered by BOSH

This was my first session at the VMTN/vBrownBag and Merlin Glynn briefly covered Pivotal Container Services (PKS) before going on to talk about BOSH (Kubo).

For more information, see the session playback here.