VMworld 2020: My Top 10 Sessions - Cloud Automation

VMworld VMworld 2020

Published on 22 September 2020 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 335. Reading Time: 2 mins.

Have you ever wanted to go to VMworld and never had the travel or budget approved?

Well, unless you have been in cryogenic stasis for the last 6 months (and if you were, maybe you were better off), then you will know that VMworld 2020 is going to be VERY different this year. It is a single GLOBAL event, on 29th September - 1st October 2020. It is VIRTUAL. It is FREE. There is NO EXCUSE not to register.

My Top 10 Sessions - Cloud Automation

  1. How to Use vRealize Automation in a Large Enterprise Environment [HCMB1268] (L300) - Vincent Riccio & Anant Kumar
  2. Managing Terraform Consumption at Enterprise Scale with vRealize Automation [HCMB2257] (L300) - Francisco Hernandex & Yujiang Sun
  3. What's New in vRealize Automation [HCMB2246] (L200) - Karl Fultz & Liad Ofek
  4. Kubernetes Automation with vRealize Automation and Tanzu Mission Contol [HCMB2255] (L300) - Deepak Kallakuri & Sam McGeown
  5. Adopting DevOps for Infrastructure with vRealize Automation [HCMB2251] (L300)- Lefteris Marakas & Sam McGeown
  6. Automating IT Processes with vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator [HCMB2254] (L200) - Francisco Henandez & Galina Kostova
  7. Take Charge of Your Infrastructure as Code with vRealize and Terraform [MCOP1773] (L300) - Cody Carlson
  8. Deploy and Configure Your Entire VMWare Cloud on AWS with Terraform [HCP1064] (L200) - Gilles Chekroun & Nicolas Vibert
  9. NSX-T Network Automation: What to Do When You Have Choices [VCNC1206] (L200) - Madhukar Krishnarao & Thomas Vigneron
  10. Deploying the Full Software-Defined Data Center with Automation [HCP2075] (L100) - Ivan Krolo

Note: I have made the above recommendations based on the summary given in the content catalog only.

HOL Sessions

As a first time HOL Captain for VMworld 2020, it wouldn’t be right not to give honourable mentions to the following HOL sessions (ISMs) also available on-demand:

  1. Getting Started with vRealize Orchestrator [HOL-2121-96-ISM] - Benoit Serratrice
  2. Administrating vRealize Automation [HOL-2121-95-ISM] - Martin Banda & Ed Bontempo

Final thoughts…

So, what are you waiting for? Book the time out of your calender and go register for VMworld 2020 .

Published on 22 September 2020 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 335. Reading Time: 2 mins.