VMworld 2020: My Top 10 Sessions - Cloud Management

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VMworld VMworld 2020

Published on 22 September 2020 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 335. Reading Time: 2 mins.

Have you ever wanted to go to VMworld and never had the travel or budget approved?

Well, unless you have been in cryogenic stasis for the last 6 months (and if you were, maybe you were better off), then you will know that VMworld 2020 is going to be VERY different this year. It is a single GLOBAL event, on 29th September - 1st October 2020. It is VIRTUAL. It is FREE. There is NO EXCUSE not to register.

My Top 10 Sessions - Cloud Management

  1. Capacity and Cost Management with vRealize Operations [HCMB1506] - Brandon Gordon, Sathyamurthy Dattathreya Hassan & Sajan Liyon
  2. Operationalizing Your Cloud: Part 1 - Create Your Private Cloud [HCMB1493] (L100) - John Dias & David Overbeek
  3. Operationalizing Your Cloud: Part 2 - Leveraging Hybrid Cloud with VMware [HCMB1494] (L100) - Brandon Gordon, Vincent Riccio, Sunny Dua & Martijn Smit
  4. Operationalizing Your Cloud: Part 3 - Consistent Multi-Cloud Operations [HCMB1500] (L100) - Brandon Gordon, Vincent Riccio, Umang Soni & Sunny Dua
  5. Quit Chasing Your Tail and Use vRealize Log Insight [HCMB1729] (L200) - Yogita Patil & Julie Roman
  6. VMware Skyline and vRealize: Integrating Mansgement and Support [HCMB2339] - Sajan Liyon & Blair Doyle
  7. Automation and Operations for Your Tanzu Infrastructure with vRealize [HCP1501] (L100) - Matt Bradford & Sam McGeown
  8. Extending vRealize Operations Across Multi-Clouds [HCMB1499] (L100) - Sajan Liyon & Shaw Zhang
  9. Automating vRealize Network Insight [VCNC1710] (L300) - Martijn Smit
  10. Making vRealize Operations Work for You [HCMB1504] (L100) - Iwan Rahabok, Manav Verma & Anton Wesztergom

Note: I have made the above recommendations based on the summary given in the content catalog only.

HOL Sessions

As a first time HOL Captain for VMworld 2020, it wouldn’t be right not to give honourable mentions to the following HOL sessions (ISMs) also available on-demand:

  1. vRealize Operations - Optimize the Performance of Your Environment [HOL-2101-95-ISM] - Bengt Gronas & Tony Welsh

Final thoughts…

So, what are you waiting for? Book the time out of your calender and go register for VMworld 2020.

Published on 22 September 2020 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 335. Reading Time: 2 mins.