VMworld 2018 Europe - VMware Code #Hackathon

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Barcelona Code Hackathon VMware VMworld

Published on 15 December 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 566. Reading Time: 3 mins.

In the beginning there was Code..

Like the previous 2 years, the first thing in my calendar, once I had registered and it was available on the Schedule Builder for VMworld Europe. was the VMware {Code} #Hackathon.

This year was a little different because the organising team (which didn’t seem to include Alan Renouf or William Lam), used HackerEarth to organise the event.

The Venue & Food

This year, the** #Hackathon **organisers took us to a new venue. I personally really liked the venue for the previous 2 years, Valkiria Hub Space, but I must say the new venue, Esferic, more than delivered!

The Teams and Themes!

There were a number of different teams (some of which where formed on the night because of no-shows) and themes this year.

The Teams included:

  • HackitB4Brexit (the team I was in)
  • Teammate I Need (TIN)
  • Team Presto
  • Code4Beer
  • Siinergy
  • H4CK4C3N7ER!
  • ContainerQuest
  • Plus Others…

There was a wide variety of Themes covering:

  • PowerShell
  • vRealize Orchestrator
  • Containers / PKS / VKE
  • Python
  • API

The Judging Panel!

As the Hackathon is a friendly competition, there had to be judges! Thank you to:

  • Kyle Ruddy - Senior Tech Marketing Engineer for VMware R&D
  • Boskey Savla - Product Marketing Manager - Cloud Native Apps
  • Devanand Kondur - Staff Engineer - IoT
  • Vasu Yendapally - Senior Manager -IoT

All judges remained complete impartial of course …

Everyone is a Winner!

You cannot have a competition (even if it is friendly) without Winners and Losers. Luckily as there were 6 prizes up for grabs covering 2 categories, 3 for best month long project (i.e. preparation before the event) and 3 for work completed on the night, there were more winners than losers!

The overall winners on the night were the ContainerQuest team who created a version of Conway’s Game Of Life (Don’t worry I didn’t know what it was either!).

The team I was in (HackItB4Brexit) came 2nd in the preparation category (mostly thanks to Chris Porter‘s effort - even if the stickers didn’t arrive in time!). Find out more about PowerVKE here.

Team HackItB4Brexit (Image courtesy of @StephenHackers)

Team HackItB4Brexit (Image courtesy of @StephenHackers)

Event Round-Up

For the 3rd year in a row, this evening event has been well organised and well hosted. I liked the new venue a lot (whether it will be the same next year remains to be seen).

Attendance did seem a little down on previous years (there were a few empty tables) but I cannot decide if that is because it was a bigger venue with more space, expecting more teams or whether some people were no shows (coughGareth Edwards cough) or whether it was just undersubscribed.

Final Thoughts

The VMware {Code} Hackathon has been a brilliant event over the last 3 years and I hope it continues to be so. It really is a viable alternative to starting the week with a party (there are plenty more parties during the week!). You will get fed, watered, may learn something and you will definitely enjoy yourself!

If I get to go to VMworld 2019 (US or EU) then it will definitely be the first thing in my schedule when the Schedule Builder goes live!