Replacing the Control Center Certificate on an embedded vRO instance

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VMware vRealize Automation vRealize Orchestrator Certificates

Published on 5 November 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 204. Reading Time: 1 mins.

The Series

  1. Configuring SSL certificates for vRA 7.x (inc vRO)
  2. Replacing the Appliance Management Site Certificate for vRealize Automation
  3. Replacing the Control Center Certificate on an embedded vRO instance
  4. Replacing the Package Signing Certificate in vRO 7

Replacing the Certificate

This is the third post in a series tackling the extra certificates you may want to replace once you have deployed vRealize Automation.

There are plenty of articles on changing the SSL certificate for this website https://vra-fqdn:8283/vco-vcoconfigurator on an External instance of vRealize Orchestrator, most notably is @SpasKaloferov’s post

However, as the screenshots below show, the embedded vRO instances do not have the same options as the external vRO instances.

External Orchestrator

Embedded Orchestrator

So how do you update the SSL Certificate for embedded vRO? We’ll if you have already completed the steps to update the VAMI certificate for the Virtual Appliance highlighted above, the good news is you already have… it’s that simple

I haven’t had time to look into what black magic goes on under the covers to make this happen, but I did try and reboot the vco-configurator and vco-server services but the certificate didn’t update. It took a reboot of the vRA Virtual Appliance for the certificate to register.