Replacing the Package Signing Certificate in vRO 7

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VMware vRealize Automation vRealize Orchestrator Certificates

Published on 5 November 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 155. Reading Time: 1 mins.

The Series

  1. Configuring SSL certificates for vRA 7.x (inc vRO)
  2. Replacing the Appliance Management Site Certificate for vRealize Automation
  3. Replacing the Control Center Certificate on an embedded vRO instance
  4. Replacing the Package Signing Certificate in vRO 7

Replacing the Certificate

This is the final post in a series tackling the extra certificates you may want to replace once you have deployed vRealize Automation.

This is relatively straightforward to accomplish, but @SpasKaloferov covers this well in his article so there is no point me re-inventing the wheel.

All I will say is, read the article carefully!

So there we have it. Acknowledging the fact that as part of the deployment wizard /installation we configured CA Trusted Certificates for the 3 main components/vip, we then can decide to replace the** VRA VAMI certificate**, the **vRO Control Center certificate** and the **vRO Package Signing Certificate**.

I think we can consider that OCD itch well and truly scratched!