VMworld 2017 Barcelona - See you there?

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Published on 13 July 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 503. Reading Time: 3 mins.

VMworld 2017 Barcelona is just under 2 months away. I’m lucky enough to be going for my 2nd year in a row. Thank you to Xtravirt for sponsoring my attendance this year (along with 3 other consultants).

Why am I going?

Everyone has a different reason for going (or wanting to go). Whether that is learning, networking, promoting yourself or promoting your company.

In my first VMworld last year in Barcelona, my eyes were opened to the possibilities that VMworld affords attendees. Within a given year, I don’t think there is another conference where you get all of the titans of VMware in one place.

I still remember the good times that were had at the inaugural VMworld EMEA #hackathon, hosted by Alan Renouf . That night, I had the pleasure to work along side, Mike Foley , Duncan Epping , Cormac Hogan , and Paudie O’Riordan . Of course, not forgetting, Myles Grey (who is, for me, one to watch).

What am I looking forward to in VMworld 2017?

  1. Hackathon - I believe another #hackathon is on the cards for Barcelona, I’m not quite sure what the format will be but I hope to be able to attend Hackathon again this year!
  2. Networking - I communicate a lot via twitter, blogs, slack with a lot of people around the world. It will be great to finally meet and talk to some of those people face to face!
  3. Keynotes - The keynote speeches are really interesting. It is where the big announcements happen, I’m intrigued about what they will announce this year!
  4. VMwareOnAWS - VMwareOnAWS was the big announcement in VMworld 2016, there has been various further announcements but i’m looking forward to hear more information on this.
  5. VMware Automation - My day to day work is consumed helping customers with automation. It will be good to hear about new features and learn any new tips or tricks!
  6. VMware NSX - I am looking a lot more into NSX at the moment. So I’ll be looking to attend a few of the NSX related sessions!

Should I be going to VMworld?

In a short answer, Yes.

I realise it is not that simple. But if you are interested in VMware in general and the ancillary products/technology, there is no better place to immerse yourself in the technology and learn lots. There is also a heap of vendors there that may just have the answer to the problem you have been searching for.

How do I find out more about VMworld?

If you are interested in going head over to the VMworld website to learn more!

If you’re feeling lucky, VEEAM are giving people a chance to win tickets!

Hopefully, see you there!?!

If you do go to VMworld 2017 in Barcelona, and spot me walking around, don’t be afraid to come and say hi! I love to talk tech, I love to learn and I can only do that by meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Hopefully, you may learn something in exchange.

Published on 13 July 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 503. Reading Time: 3 mins.