First Impressions - UKVMUG 2016 - vCurry

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Published on 16 November 2016 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 412. Reading Time: 2 mins.

I’m just back in from attending my first @UKVMUG #vCurry evening.

I have to say I had a #awesome evening in the tres cool surroundings of the National Motorbike Museum in Birmingham. (cue obligatory screen shots of motorbikes below)

It was good to catch up with people i hadn’t seen in a while in the community and even make new acquaintances over rather nice curry with all the trimmings. The only very slight downside for me is I don’t like lamb, so I had to opt for the vegetarian option (which was better than I expected). I, of course, made up for this by having two helpings of the desert (chocolate brownie… with custard - don’t ask).

After everybody was fed and watered, the Quiz Master (Chris Dearden handed out the picture round… Name the VMware Acquisitions… Here is a few of them, how many would you have got after (more than) a couple of beverages??

image04 image01 image03 image02 image5 image06 image07 image08

What then followed was 3 additional rounds (Sport, Food & Drink, and (I think) General Knowledge) covering the most random, but cleverly constructed questions about VMware and VMware products I have ever witnessed, including (and these were the ones that I could remember):-

  1. Subtract the number of Gold medals won by Yorkshire in the Rio Olympic Games from the maximum number of ESXi hosts in a vSphere cluster (v6.0).
  2. Subtract the number of Gold Medals won by Usain Bolt from the number of VMDKs within the vSphere 6.5 VCSA deployment?
  3. Which is higher, the total number of hours watched on Netflix (in 2015) or the amount Dell borrowed to purchase EMC (and VMware)?
  4. A Long Island Ice Tea is made up of 5 white spirits (tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec and gin), but can you name 5 of the services running in the vSphere 6.x VCSA?

(Note: At this point I did highlight the fact that, subject to popular belief ‘up north’, Yorkshire isn’t actually a country… so the correct answer to 1 was actually 64 not 52…)

After four rounds, it seems the team I was in (#oneteam) had answered the most questions correctly (a measly 2240) followed by the team made up of past and present VMUG leaders (after discounting the VMware team). So that was a nice bonus to end the evening!

All in all a good experience and I’m glad I made the effort to come the night before to my first #vCurry. I’m looking forward to my first #UKVMUG tomorrow!