HOWTO: Configure a vRealize Automation 6 Advanced Services Endpoint for Active Directory

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Published on 7 February 2017 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 199. Reading Time: 1 mins.

This post is a part of a series of posts for preparation for the VCAP6-CMA Deploy exam. For the full exam prep resources check here.

In this post we are covering the configuration of the Advanced Services Endpoint for Active Directory.

Prerequisite Steps

  • A fully deployed vRealize Automation implementation.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: Once you have created an AD Endpoint it cannot be deleted, only updated.

Navigate to and Log into the vRealize Automation Tenant Portal as a Tenant Administration user.

Navigate to Administration > Orchestration Configuration > Endpoints.

Click Add.

Select Active Directory from the Plug-in dropdown.

Click Next.

Enter the Name of the Endpoint and (optionally) a description.

Click Next.

Note: You can only point the Endpoint to a single AD server.

Enter the following information under** Active Directory Server**:

  • Enter dc-name.fqdn into the Active Directory host IP/URL text box.
  • Enter 3268 (GC) or 389 (no-GC) into the Port text box.
  • Enter dc=domain,dc=com into the Root text box.
  • (optionally) Select Yes from the Use SSL dropdown.
  • (optionally) Enter into the Default domain text box.

Enter the credentials for the user account to be used to access Active Directory.

Click Add.

And there you have it.