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Published on 25 September 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 550. Reading Time: 3 mins.

The Session Builder for the VMworld Europe 2018 content catalog is now live! So if you’re going to be in Barcelona in November, you best head on over to the VMworld Scheduler site and get your sessions booked in before the spaces run out!

My VMworld Focus Areas

Personally, I will try to limit my focus to three main themes this year because there really isn’t enough time in the 3-4 days:

  • VMware Cloud Management
  • VMware Cloud Services
  • VMware NSX (-V and -T)

You will, of course, have your own focus for VMworld. However, here are my suggestions for some sessions you should try and get along to (schedules permitting):

  1. vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1: vSphere HA and DRS [VIN1249BE] - Duncan Epping & Frank Denneman
  2. Clustering Deep Dive 2: Quality Control with DRS and Network I/O Control [VIN1735BE] - Niels Hagoort & Sahan Garnage
  3. Achieving Happiness: Building Your Brand and Your Career [LDT1907BE] - Amanda Blevins & Joe Baguley
  4. Agile Cloud Management with VMware [MGT2915BE] - Jad El-Zein
  5. Kubernetes Container Networking with NSX-T Data Center Deep Dive [NET1677BE] - Dennis Breithaupt & Yasen Simeonov
  6. Designing for the Unexpected: Delivering IT on a Boat with VMware Horizon [VIN2650BE] - Mark Brookfield & Katarina Wagnerova
  7. A Deep(er) Dive with PowerCLI 10 [VIN1992BE] - Luc Dekens & Kyle “The Beard” Ruddy
  8. Day 2 Automation of NSX Data Center Using vRealize Suite [NET1723BE] - Scott Goodman & Yasen Simeonov
  9. Top 10 Automation Requests and How You Can Save Time [VIN2527BE] - Alan Renouf & William Lam
  10. Emerging Technologies in the Real World [CTO1917BE] - Amanda Blevins

There are a couple of the above sessions I won’t be attending due to scheduling conflicts with other sessions that are of interest to me (or the fact the session was booked out). One important thing to remember is that if you can’t get booked on a session, just turn up and queue up anyway. The likelihood is you may get in anyway!

FYI - I’ve never had an issue getting a session in the last 2 years!

Also, do not forget that, the majority of sessions are recorded, therefore #DontPanic if you can’t get to a session! You just need to download either the VMworld US version or wait for the VMworld EU one to be recorded!

Expert Led Workshops

The Expert Led workshops are a really good idea. I didn’t attend last year and felt I may have missed some value expert face time, therefore I tried to get booked into two of them this year (the limit is two per attendee):

  1. Getting Started with VMware Cloud Management Services - Grant Orchard & Chris Slater
  2. VMware Cloud on AWS - Getting Started Workshop - Andrea Siviero & Jennifer Schmidt

Unfortunately, by the time I got around to booking it, all 4 sessions of the VMware Cloud on AWS workshop were filled up therefore I may go along and queue up to see if I can get in on the day.

VMware{Code} #Hackathon

Finally, don’t forget that the evenings are not always about the parties, therefore please don’t forget to sign up for the @VMwareCode #Hackathon (which is in its 3rd Year at Barcelona) if you fancy spending the evening learning something new and meeting with other like minded technology professionals.

Published on 25 September 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 550. Reading Time: 3 mins.