VMworld 2018 Europe - #vRockstar Rocks Barcelona

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Published on 7 November 2018 by Christopher Lewis. Words: 199. Reading Time: 1 mins.


For me, this event marks the official #vCommunity start of “VMworld week” in Barcelona. This was my third year at the pre-VMworld party, vRockstar. As usual, the event was oversubscribed and sold out in record time weeks in advance. With another change in location this year, the event was held at the Obama English Pub/Grill (https://obamabcn.com/). The venue was nice albeit a little smaller than the previous venues, the staff were nice and the food was awesome (once it had arrived). There were, however, times it did feel a little claustrophobic (mainly because of the amount of people trying to get to the bar…).

What was notably different from last year was the smaller number of vendors willing to sponsor the event this year. I think this is a shame, I personally don’t think you can put a value on the price of community.

That all said, the choice of venue or the fact that sponsorship was less than previous years didn’t matter. That is not what #vRockstar is about. It is the friends from within the #vCommunity that matter. It was a great to catchup in person with many people who I haven’t seen since last year.