Group Policy Objects

I have recently been completing some study for the Microsoft 70-417 exam (upgrading to MCSA Windows 2012) and whilst I have not had a lot to do with implementing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in the recent past, I still find it is important to know how and when they get applied. The following is some... Continue Reading →

Home Lab Upgrades – Part 2

Ok so the bits and bobs have started to arrive and i have put together one of the hosts and after a little work, i now have one host up and running with he following The components in ESX-Host-1 are:- 1 x SuperMicro MBD-X11SH-LN4F-0 Motherboard (4 x 1GbE, 64GB, Socket 1151, M.2 PCIe, IMPI 2.0,... Continue Reading →

Running Platypus on Docker with Synology NAS

@grantorchard has just released a new version of the vRealise Automation 7 API reference documentation as a Docker container called Platypus! For all those guys who, like me, don't run a Mac laptop and cannot use the VMware's AppCatalyst to run Photon, I thought I would write a quick post on how to get Platypus working within a Docker Container... Continue Reading →

Home Lab Upgrades – Part 1

I have finally taken the first steps in upgrading my home lab and over the next few posts i'll go through what I have purchased. I have started with just a single host so i can check all the components, some of which are not the on the official VMware HCL, actually work. At a... Continue Reading →

Welcome to!

Welcome to, a space for my many musings around my experience and journey in the world of technology, specifically looking at virtualisation, cloud automation and orchestration.  Enjoy the ride!

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