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This will be central my page for resources whilst studying for the the VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam 2019 Digital Badge.


The official VMware blueprint can be found here. Unfortunately the official blueprint does not provide a lower level of detail that the objectives.

Section 1 - vSAN Architectures and Technologies

Objective 1.1 - Describe vSAN requirements Objective 1.2 - Demonstrate how vSAN stores and protects data Objective 1.3 - Define vSAN space efficiency features Objective 1.4 - Define vSAN stretched cluster architecture requirements Objective 1.5 - Compare the architectural requirements of a vSAN 2-node cluster and a stretched cluster

Section 2 - Products and Solutions

There are no testable objectives for this section.

Section 3 - Planning and Designing a vSAN Solution

Objective 3.1 - Define and demonstrate vSAN design considerations Objective 3.2 - Design a vSAN cluster Objective 3.3 - Use vSAN design and sizing tools Objective 3.4 - Explain interoperability with vSphere features Objective 3.5 - Define which VMware solutions integrate with vSAN

Section 4 - vSAN Installation, Configuration, and Setup

Objective 4.1 - Configure and validate a vSAN configuration Objective 4.2 - Create and manage disk groups Objective 4.3 - Configure and validate vSAN services Objective 4.4 - Configure vSAN stretched cluster and 2-node configurations

Section 5 - Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades

There are no testable objectives for this section.

Section 6 - Troubleshooting and Repairing a vSAN solution

Objective 6.1 - Identify failure scenarios Objective 6.2 - Interpret vSAN Health warnings Objective 6.3 - Determine vSAN Health using vSphere Host Client, ESXCLI, and RVC Objective 6.4 - Evaluate performance information in the UI and using CLI Objective 6.5 - Manage hardware replacement

Section 7 - vSAN Administrative and Operational Tasks

Objective 7.1 - Create, update, and modify vSAN policies and apply to objects Objective 7.2 - Describe vSAN data placement changes Objective 7.3 - Interpret vSAN capacity terms Objective 7.4 - Evaluate vSAN performance metrics Objective 7.5 - Describe effects of maintenance mode options Objective 7.6 - Explain how to add capacity to a vSAN cluster Objective 7.7 - Patch or upgrade a vSAN cluster Objective 7.8 - Describe the operational characteristics/differences between vSAN 2-node architecture and stretched cluster Objective 7.9 - Explain encryption processes Objective 7.10 - Explain how to utilize TRIM and UNMAP from vSAN and guest perspective

Official Documentation:

Official Courses:

Hands on Labs (HOL):

The following VMware HOL are available for VSAN:

  • HOL-1708-SDC-1 - Virtual SAN 6.2 from A to Z
  • HOL-1708-SDC-2 - Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management
  • HOL-1708-CHG-3 - Virtual SAN 6.2: Challenge Lab
  • HOL-1731-SDC-1 - vSAN v6.5: What’s New
  • HOL-1731-SDC-2 - vSAN v6.5 Advanced: Operations
  • HOL-1808-01-HCI - vSAN v6.6 - Getting Started
  • HOL-1808-02-CHG - vSAN v6.6 - Challenge Lab
  • HOL-1845-01-SLN - Modernize Infrastructure - Build Your Own SDDC

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