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Written by Christopher Lewis on December 15, 2018

In the beginning there was Code.. Like the previous 2 years, the first thing in my calendar, once I had registered and it was available on the Schedule Builder for VMworld Europe. was the VMware {Code} #Hackathon. This year was a little different because the organising team (which didn’t seem to include Alan Renouf or William Lam), used HackerEarth to organise the event. The Venue & Food This year, the** #Hackathon **organisers took us to a new venue.

Barcelona Code Hackathon VMware VMworld

Written by Christopher Lewis on November 27, 2018

At this years VMworld Europe Hackathon, I was a part of Team #PowerVKE, founding members: Chris Porter (@uprightvinyl) (Team Leader) Christopher Lewis (@thecloudxpert) Dave Simpson (@bfd_diplomacy) Stephen Hackers (@StephenHackers) Tony Cota (@VMXBandit) Colin Westwater (@cwestwater) Dominik Zorgnotti (@DominikZ) Team PowerVKE (Image courtesy of @StephenHackers) PowerVKE is a PowerShell module that can be used to connect to VMware’s Kubernetes Engine (VKE). This was a Beta VMware Cloud Service.

Barcelona Hackathon PKS PowerVKE VMware VMworld VMworld 2018

Written by Christopher Lewis on November 8, 2018

VMworld 2018 started quickly for me. After taking the 10:20 BA Flight from Heathrow I landed at ~13:30 local time. I had just enough time to drop the bags at the hotel before heading to the #vRetreat. We were being hosted by Patrick Redknap and sponsored by Cohesity. #vRetreat This was my first experience of the #vRetreat concept and I wasn’t disappointed. The session was given by Cohesity’s charismatic CTO - Global Field, Rawlinson Rivera (@punchingclouds) who talked both about their current portfolio and Vision.

Barcelona Cohesity VMware VMworld VMworld 2018 VMworld2018 vRetreat

Written by Christopher Lewis on November 7, 2018

#vRockstar For me, this event marks the official #vCommunity start of “VMworld week” in Barcelona. This was my third year at the pre-VMworld party, vRockstar. As usual, the event was oversubscribed and sold out in record time weeks in advance. With another change in location this year, the event was held at the Obama English Pub/Grill (https://obamabcn.com/). The venue was nice albeit a little smaller than the previous venues, the staff were nice and the food was awesome (once it had arrived).

Barcelona vExpert VMworld VMworld2018 vRockstar

Written by Christopher Lewis on November 7, 2018

This year I was lucky enough to be given a #vExpert blogger pass to the VMworld 2018 Europe event in Barcelona. This will be my third year in a row! #AchievementUnlocked #vExpert #Blogger #VMworld2018 pic.twitter.com/4ry8Mog0yj — Christopher Lewis (@thecloudxpert) November 5, 2018 Posts Here is a list of all my planned posts of the event: vRetreat - Cohesity vRockstar Day 0 - Sessions Day 0 - VMware {Code} Hackathon (Team #PowerVKE) Day 1 - General Session Day 1 - Sessions Day 1 - vExpert Party and VMware UK&I Party Day 2 - General Session Day 2 - Sessions Day 2 - VMworld Party Day 3 - Sessions Keep checking back for this and more content!

Barcelona vExpert VMworld VMworld 2018

Written by Christopher Lewis on September 25, 2018

The Session Builder for the VMworld Europe 2018 content catalog is now live! So if you’re going to be in Barcelona in November, you best head on over to the VMworld Scheduler site and get your sessions booked in before the spaces run out! My VMworld Focus Areas Personally, I will try to limit my focus to three main themes this year because there really isn’t enough time in the 3-4 days:

Barcelona vExpert VMware VMworld VMworld 2018

Written by Christopher Lewis on June 19, 2018

If I get to go to VMworld in Barcelona this year it will be my 3rd time in 3 years (I think that makes me Alumni). It will also be the 2nd time that I have self funded my trip to the VMware annual conference. Who should be going to VMworld? If you work with VMware technologies and want to understand more about VMware’s different products from the experts and consultants who deliver the best and most complex environments, then it is the ideal place to get that knowledge.

Barcelona VMware VMworld VMworld 2018

Written by Christopher Lewis on September 18, 2017

Wednesday night is PARTY night at VMworld Barcelona and who better to party with than friends, fellow #vExperts and the Kaiser Chiefs! Here is a selection of photo’s from the party. The Kaiser Chiefs were a lot better than expected!

VMware VMworld VMworld 2017

Written by Christopher Lewis on September 14, 2017

Day 3 is the day after the VMworld Party and it is normally a very quiet day around VMworld. There is no General Session and a lot of people either do not attend any sessions or just leave the conference early. Personally, I only tend to minimize the sessions I go to on this day and spend some time in the Hands On Lab and just walking around the Solutions Exchange.

Barcelona VMware VMworld VMworld 2017

Written by Christopher Lewis on September 13, 2017

For the second day running at VMworld 2017, I decided to sit outside of the General Session and watch it on the screen whilst sitting at table with my laptop. General Session The General Session on day 2 started with an attendee Q&A session with Pat Gelsinger, Sanjay Poonen and Ray O’Farrell. The questions covered all sorts of topics, including: VMware in the age of the cloud? - Pat and Sanjay gave a consistent message around VMware’s vision of any cloud, any application and any device.

VMware VMworld VMworld 2017

Written by Christopher Lewis on September 13, 2017

Day 2 of VMworld 2017 in Barcelona kick off with another General Session. Following the General Session, I attended the following sessions: Session 1 - #LHC1882BE - Service Overview for VMware Cloud on AWS This session, with Marc Umeno, covered how to delivery VMware Cloud on AWS “As A Service”. Marc re-introduced the current vision of **VMware Cloud on AWS **platform before highlighting the different responsibilities of both VMware and the Customer.

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Written by Christopher Lewis on September 13, 2017

Here is the links to all of my blogs covering VMworld 2017 in Barcelona: VMworld 2017 – My Schedule VMworld 2017 – My Tips For First Timers VMworld 2017 - Getting there and Getting registered VMworld 2017 Day 0 - Partner Exchange VMworld 2017 Day 1 - General Session VMworld 2017 Day 1 - Sessions VMworld 2017 Day 2 - General Session VMworld 2017 Day 2 - Sessions VMworld 2017 Day 2 - VMworld Party!

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